Protecting our water

Full spectrum analytics for a broader picture

Protecting our most precious resource

We have to start by identifying a wide spectrum of attributes

Increasing industrial waste, new substances, legal demands, shrinking budgets and increasing process complexity are all challenges faced by the wastewater industry. To manage these challenges you need a solution that collects the right data in the right frequency, paired with extensive industry knowledge and insights of the customers’ needs.

Data driven strategies - you only can manage what you can measure

The identification of water samples is the starting base to any management in water industries, especially the wastewater treatment sectoro. Precise large data sets improve efficiency and enable streamlining your planning processes. With better instrumentation and the right algorithms, efficiency can be improved. Operators have the data at hand for streamlining planning processes.

This knowledge is indispensable why we have an instrumentation portfolio which is largely automated and hassle free, to concentrate on the work at hand.

Drinking water

Safe drinking water with real-time analytics

The goal of our monitoring system for drinking water is to analyze and assess hundreds of parameters through our fused Raman and Fluorescence sensor system. Continuous data provides insight into relevant components of the water and its changes. Dynamic processes can be controlled and methodological quality standard can be measured.

Polyaromatic Compounds on the watch list of the Environmental protection agency (EPA)

From the Literature

Fluorescence absorption table as listed by the Environmental Protection Agency for harzardous and cancerogenic substances

Measurements with our system

Distinct reproducable measurements on the Polyaromatics with Deep UV fluorescence system

Safety from unknown causes


Analytes, pollutants, and other critical substances need to be at an early stage. To detect broad range of substances is providing a full spectrum of data


Instant reliable data with better specifity and sensitivity allow to better control processes and provide valuable long-term data to optimize and report processes


Avoid damage by determining unknowns in waters and regulate income freights with instant monitoring. Distinguished hazard threat detection becomes reality


Industry water samples

This chart is showing different characteristics from effluent water from four different industries. The level of pollution can be measured real-time and in large sample volumes.​

Automated analytics with our FlowBox

AI enhanced qualitative and quantitative UV real-time spectroscopy for water monitoring

with automated self-cleaning and self-calibration

Our Flowbox combines all modules for automated water sampling and monitoring with a seamslessly integrated Deep UV Spectrometer for Raman and Fluorescence analyses, low-maintenance built-in calibration and self-cleaning.

Artha offers a comprehensive end-to-end solutions for a cleaner and better environment.

High-resolution spectral data with sophisticated machine learning algorithms enables new possibilities of water monitoring as well as direct feedback of previously undetected threats from known und unknown elements

The technology behind the solution

Our system uses Laser-induced Fluorescence (LIF) and a high-resolution spectrometer with over 1000 channels for unprecedented precision, sensitivity and insights.

Overall higher precision and sensitivity than non-laser induced systems or systems with no real spectrometer

Comparatively 20x better precision for the currently used common parameters and sum parameters

New detection data/parameter that were not available before

Cross-correlation analysis gives new insights previously not accessible

Sophisticated neural networks, capable of near real-time analysis

Better visility for process management means time and money saving