Water solutions

We offer a variety of water analytics for online and real-time measurement of liquid substances. Applications in the wastewater treatment for analytics and process optimization and all water analytics task can be covered.

Water solutions for all environments

Artha’s Water Analytics software manages, analyzes and stores data collected using different native analytical and measurement systems. It provides users across the enterprise the tools to streamline their effectiveness and significantly increase operational efficiency. With our solution, anyone within the utility can have access to role-specific views of the data, structured in ways that are relevant to how they do their jobs. Artha Aqualytics helps utilities reach business goals through innovative data analysis in the following areas

Deep UV Raman spectroscopy

Photon Systems Deep UV Lasers enable on-line real-time detection of chemical and biological contamination in water and the environment.  These cost-effective and compact lasers enable Raman and fluorescence based measurements that replace time consuming lab based off-line tests.

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