At Artha we create value from your data and help you gain insight to form data-driven decisions on the spot

We extract value from your data

Advances in data collection, machine learning, and computational power have fueled progress. The sheer volume of available data has grown exponentially over the past years. We have the tools to turn raw data into insights.

Tackling the data challenge

The sheer volume of available data has grown exponentially over the past five years, and we have the tools for turning this flood of raw data into insights. Machine learning, a term that encompasses a range of algorithmic approaches from statistical methods like regressions to neural networks, has rapidly advanced to the forefront of analytics.


Offering High level consulting we identify the opportunities to transform your business by the right use of your data

Data Quality

Clarity with data assessment. Large volumes of data are often unclear. We have efficient ways to handle them


We use different machine learning methods to obtain better predictive analytics

What we are passionate about

Fields of application

High-tech water analysis

Combining the great power of analytics and Machine Learning, we love to bring together high-end hardware with software

Machine Learning

Developing Machine Learning applications for different fields like biomedical diagnostics will empower and speed-up decision making processes

Remote magnetometry

A method of using high powered lasers to create a remote plasma in order to detect distant information

Deep insights

Visualizing to Enhance

1 %
Visualizing power

We employ intelligent software algorithms and deep learning strategies to connect the dots to enhance measurement data and strenghten hardware power in order to predict

Process Innovation

1 %
seamless integration

Proper integration of hardware and software are key to enable the right analytical properties for process automation and optimization to take your technology to the next level

Get the insight to operate your Business in Real-time


Thanks to RWTH Aachen and Prof. Dr. Florian Amann we are able to test and optimize our online water analytics with a leading edge Deep Ultraviolet Raman spectrometer from Photon Systems and our Machine Learning Application

Deep-UV Raman spectrometer

Photon Systems to us is the leading manufacturer of high-precision Deep Ultraviolett Raman spectrometers for a wide variety of applications. We are greatful for this optimized system for our water analytic application

Air Lasing as a remote sensing tool

Empa helped us execute a collaborative project to test atmospheric lasing (air lasing) for measuring magnetic fields remotely, for which novelty Artha is the patent owner.

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