Deep UV laser spectroscopy

Dissolved in water are vast amounts of substances to be discovered in real-time

Our mission is to help make better decisions and business through better quality data and more efficient processes.

Real-time monitoring

Complete sensor package

Real-Time spectroscopy gives water utilities the ability to tap into, analyze and display streaming data from many parameters. Automatic alerts and management helps detect and focus on the most important events, monitor thresholds for your operations, improve safety across your organization, and respond faster to emergencies.

Customized process management solutions

Custom integrated approaches for respective industries make the use of sophisticated spectroscopic applications possible.

We have identified key industries and specialize in engineering automation for each individual application. Our systems have maximum compatibility through customizable design and software application

Flowbox 3D

Intelligent hardware and software

Spectrum Analyzer

Unique features to increase sensitivity and specifity for better results

We have selected unique hardware to target better results not just more data. Our spectroscopic solutions provives simultaneous Raman and Fluorescence detection to gain additional information. Also, it’s regentless requiring no consumables and saving cost.

We Forget That The water Cycle And The Life Cycle Are One.

Jaques Yves Cousteau

Planet Earth does not have a lot of fresh water, and we can’t make more than what is on Earth. The state of water can change (liquid, solid, gas) as it moves through the water cycle, but the total amount of water doesn’t change. Our lakes and rivers supply drinking water. Nature and wildlife also need healthy lakes and rivers for food, water, and shelter. In other words, water of lakes and rivers are precious resources that we need to protect!