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Water Management System Solutions

All optical. Realtime. Fully automated

Deep Ultraviolet Laser Spectroscopy is ideal for fluorescence free detection allowing higher resolution.

Simultaneous Raman and Fluorescence detection provides additional information with better sensitivity and specifity.

Automated and realtime reagentless solution with no sample preparation and rugged system and self-cleaning module.


Wavelengths in the Deep Ultraviolet below 250nm do not induce fluorescence. Operating below this wavelength allows us to get fluoresence-free Raman and Raman-free fluorescence.

As excitation is within the water window, we are always precisely calibrated and accurate.

In this wavelength region we also have the benefit of receiving resonance enhancement for certain substances, i.e. Nitrite and Nitrate (< 1mg / liter).

Works well in water

Fast and online

No sample preparation

Optimize and control processes in real-time

High sensitivity and specifity

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